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Your monthly guide to combating money laundering and terrorism financing, and keeping your bank
PATRIOT Act compliant.
(Archives available from Jan 2005 - Aug 2010)

September 11 is catching up to smaller banks: Is your institution ready?

The feds have finally issued key PATRIOT Act regs, and banks across the country are scrambling to figure out how to comply. But in the wake of scandals — Riggs Bank, Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, Delta National Bank & Trust and others — examiners are not in a charitable mood and law enforcement is ready to pounce. Time is a luxury your AML compliance program doesn’t have.

But there’s good news. You’re holding in your hands the secret to combating the money laundering and terrorism financing challenges you face every day. Now there’s one monthly resource, AML Compliance Alert, that will help you turn dilemmas into opportunities, and make your AML program reliable and efficient.

Each web issue of AML Compliance Alert covers such topics as:

  • Your customer is named in a terrorism investigation – what do you do? 5-point response plan to protect your bank.
  • Foolproof tactic for ensuring an MSB won’t threaten your AML compliance.
  • How to sidestep the hidden trap in FinCEN’s bank-to-bank info sharing rule.
  • Why a large number of structuring SARs is a tip off that your AML program is failing.
  • 10 websites that will boost your security and compliance programs on the cheap.
  • Know your rights: How to keep lawyers’ accounts from becoming an AML black hole.

Plus, AML Compliance Alert is backed by our 100% money-back guarantee: If we don’t save you money by bringing you the news and tips you need in a straightforward, easy to read format, then we’ll return the price you paid for your subscription — no questions asked.

AML compliance advice you can rely on-from the field's most knowledgeable sources.

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