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(Archives available from March 2003 - Jan 2008)

The Inside Story for Protecting Your Business From the Feds’ Crackdown
Mix a volatile economy with a host of zealous federal agencies anxious to stamp out predatory lending and a growing corps of trial lawyers smelling blood, and what do you get?

Answer: the most dangerous regulatory environment the mortgage lending industry has ever seen. But you don’t have to face the pitfalls blind, thanks to Eli Financial's most popular publication, the Mortgage Lending Compliance Alert.

Mortgage Lending Compliance Alert is designed to help mortgage bankers and brokers, compliance officers and executives tackle the growing regulatory challenges of mortgage banking head on. RESPA, TILA, anti-pred and anti-discrimination laws,, Regs C and Z...

regulators are reinterpreting them all. And the high-level analysis of the feds’ moves found only in Mortgage Lending Compliance Alert is your key to knowing what’s on the hit list —before your business is hit.

Mortgage Lending Compliance Alert will help you avert the risks and run a safer, more prosperous business. Just look at what you’ll uncover:

  • What Do Feds Enforce? How to Stay Off of Their Radar.
  • Surprising ways RESPA could be used against you — Find out how to protect yourself.
  • How to leverage compliance to make money in good times – and bad.
  • $200,000 liability for a $100,000 mortgage: Here's why it could happen to you.
  • 11 compliance pitfalls in Regs Z and C — and one surefire way to avoid them.
  • How to Avoid Being Labeled a Predatory Lender
  • 3 tell-tale signs that you could be hit with a class action suit —and how to stop it before it starts.
  • 7 telltale signs that a developer is a flipper who could cost you big.
  • Avoid Compliance Traps with Tips from the Experts.
  • Constant Profiles of the New Areas of Lending Will Have You Making Money First!
  • How to avoid compliance traps when mining mortgage prospects on the Web.

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