About Us

Eli Financial, a division of AudioSolutionz, is a leading online training platform for tax and banking professionals. It focuses on providing high-quality information, training, products and resources on things that matter in the banking and finance industry. Eli Financial’s webinars, DVDs, books and other training products are customized for U.S. lenders and tax practitioners and covers the latest updates from the IRS, CFPB and other regulatory authorities.

From tax planning, preparation of Form 709, mortgage rules, federal and international tax issues, IRS enforcement and compliance and more, Eli Financial specializes in providing in-depth information and practical strategies on topics that matters to tax, accounting and banking professionals directly from the nation’s top financial experts.

At Eli Financial, we focus exclusively on providing high-quality information, analysis, and how-to strategies finance and tax professionals need to survive and prosper in an ever changing regulatory environment. In every product we deliver—from monthly newsletters and special reports, well-research publications to webinars and DVDs—we distinguish ourselves by providing intelligent, strategic analysis and practical guidance, rather than simply reporting the news.

Eli Financial is an IRS approved continuing education provider and proud to partner with leading organization such as NASBA and ICB to provide CPE credits to financial professionals.