Wage and Hour Law 2018: California Style (MLA381S)

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Processing California Payroll? Understand Federal, State, and Local Laws

It has been said that California has a style all its own. This is especially true in the area of employment law. With arguably the greatest amount of wage and hour laws on the books of any state, California makes payroll processing a complex situation. There are plenty of pitfalls and compliance snares that await the unwary employer, including: overtime, mandatory sick leave, split shifts, call-backs, meals and meal periods, donning and doffing, travel time, local minimum wage rules, and more!

Plus: Take into account law changes made for 2018, and you can find yourself in a compliance nightmare. If your payroll department fails to comply or commits the tiniest infraction, serious penalties can and do occur.

Get immediate and comprehensive help from payroll consultant Vicki Lambert, who will specifically outline new minimum wage rates for 2018—at the local, state, and federal levels (hey, even California sometimes follows federal rules). She’ll guide you through the actual math needed for calculating overtime, including the definitions of regular rate of pay, workweek, and workday.

Of course, California also has its own requirements in various areas of wage and hour law that federal law does not address—including paycheck stub requirements and posting regulations—and Lambert will address those, too. She’ll also cover California’s anti-theft wage law, as well as guide you to properly prioritizing compliance under California labor law and the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). In addition, this information-packed session will cover: wage orders, alternative workweeks, payment methods, permissible deductions from pay, and more.

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