How to Prepare for a Robot-Automated and AI-Enhanced Future in Accounting (MLA381T)

Understand AI and RPA and Their Future Role in Accounting

A recent MIT-Boston Consulting study of more than 3,000 companies found that 80% of them believed AI (artificial intelligence) would give them a competitive advantage. What’s more, we are already seeing the use of AI and RPA (robotic process automation) creeping into the business world, and more specifically into various accounting functions. This is one change that will radically impact many white collar jobs. And that change will happen in the next few years—not ten or twenty years from now.

In this session, accounts payable expert Mary Schaeffer will define AI and RPA and explain how these futuristic tools apply to today’s—and tomorrow’s—accounting practices. Schaeffer will then provide practical information about the skills you’ll need to acquire to make effective—and competitive—use of these technologies in your accounting work. She’ll also explain how to acquire those skills.

Session Objectives

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

NASBA Category of Study: Accounting

Level: Basic

Who Should Attend

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Mary S. Schaeffer, a nationally recognized accounts payable expert, founded AP Now, a membership organization focused on creating business intelligence around the accounts payable and payment function. She has written 18 business books and is a frequent and popular speaker at both online and live ev... More info


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