Get Global: Understanding Global Cash Flow Analysis (MLC440P)

  Pre Recorded Audio Conference
  60 minutes

A Fast Cash Analysis Method Which Can Get You To The Same Results In Less Time

The will begin by defining Cash Flow as the tool to transform an Accrual Basis Financial Statement into a Statement of Cash Flow and its importance to bankers when considering a long term loan request. Then it will proceed to demonstrate how Cash Flow is calculated utilizing the balance sheet and the income statement to determine the sources and uses of cash from operating, investing and financing activities. Upon completion of this webinar by Roy Johnson, the participant will have a good understanding of how cash flow is calculated and more importantly, how to interpret its meaning.

Roy will use case studies, slides, problem-solving skills, online exams, charts and step-by- step analysis to certain occurrences from our charts and graphs.

Session highlights:

Who should attend:
Beginners in the banking, credit and financial services industry, followed by mid management and upper management. Bankers-Insight Group caters to all three groups.

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Roy Johnson brings a wealth of knowledge to the banking sector as his career spans from his beginning as a Loan Associate all the way to becoming a Vice President of Commercial lending for a Leading Regional Bank in the Southeast. He possesses a combination of corporate and Non Profit experience whi... More info


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