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Chargebacks- What can be done to minimize the risk? (MLCN30S)

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The Process Of Risk Minimization In Chargebacks

Unfortunately, chargebacks are always going to occur regardless of the level of compliance the supplier has. However, this “right” is something that has a good side and a bad side.  Can it be used as a way to extend payment to a supplier?  Yes, but through arbitration the party that followed the rules will win.  However, the potential needs to exist as some charges are legitimately invalid.

It is important to understand the reason for the chargeback and make sure your operating system and staff are doing everything they can to substantiate the purchase. Because if there is no purchase, the whole purpose of conducting business goes in vain and you are left with no profit and burgeoning overhead costs.

It is an unspoken rule in the smooth functioning business – A solid relationship with your processor is a necessity in this process, but there are several other things that will be discussed in this webinar by expert speaker Brent Meyers that will help you to understand the crucial aspects of chargebacks.

Highlights of the session are:

Get informative answer to your queries by the speaker in Q&A segment after the session.

Who should attend?

The session is appropriate for accounts payable professionals, accounts receivable professionals, financial officers, risk officers, internal auditors and operational risk managers.

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Brent Meyers has extensive knowledge of the accounts payable process in today’s business environment.  He is responsible for business development and commercial card services within the Midwest Territory.  He specializes in Automated Accounts Payable, regulation compliance, and expen... More info

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