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The Five Steps In The Commercial Loan Documentation Process (MLC552C)

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Avoid Losses That Occur Due To Poor Commercial Loan Documentation!

The lending process in a bank goes through the following phases: 1) Application, 2) Investigation, 3) Evaluation, 4) Decision, 5) Documentation, 6) Administration and 7) Collection.

In order to protect the interest of the bank, all these phases need to have certain forms of documentation. Security Agreement, Promissory Notes and such legal documents are important in loan documentation; however, it includes other documents which support the decision of the lender to approve the loan. A critical concept of the lending process, loan documentation transforms the transaction into a form which is legally enforceable and also clarifies the transaction helping each party understand the lending arrangement details.

This part of the lending process is necessary so that you can avoid loan losses that happen due to poor documentation, especially during cases of bankruptcy. Loan administrators and officers are assigned with this important responsibility by various community banks. If documentation isn't performed in the right way, it can make loans essentially unguaranteed or unsecured when and if the bank expects some kind of credit enhancement (collateral) as a secondary repayment source.

This session by expert speaker Apryl Kelly will explain you the loan documentation process and its requirements. You will be exposed to the five steps in the loan documentation process, which include:

 Each of the five steps requires certain documents to accomplish their respective purpose. The participant will develop an understanding of each of these documents and know when to use them.

Training Objectives

Taking part in this session will help you in:

Who Should Attend

This workshop is directed towards Loan Officers, Loan Operations Staff, Loan Review Personnel, Compliance Officers and Credit Administration Personnel and Loan Administrators.

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Apryl Kelly is the Assistant Vice President of Commercial Lending for Citizens Trust Bank (CTB). Apryl has served in many roles within financial institutions in both Consumer and Commercial departments. Apryl brings enthusiasm and a common sense approach to banking.

Prior to joining the CT... More info

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