Common HMDA Reporting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (MLCD30T)

  Pre Recorded Webinar
  60 minutes

Identify Ways To Reduce Common Human Errors

What are common mistakes made with respect to HMDA (Home Mortgage Disclosure Act) reporting?
What can be done to reduce the mistakes?

Register for this 60 minute session with expert speaker Jim George to gain an understanding of actual mistakes being made in HMDA reporting. He will help the mortgage reporting managers, supervisors and staff to be more aware of the common mistakes in the industry so that they can focus their quality efforts where their effort is most likely to payoff. The presentation is designed to be of interest to everyone with interest in improving report accuracy.

Jim will also discuss about some tools and techniques that have proven useful in reducing mistakes.

Session Highlights

 Who should attend?
Anyone Working In HMDA Reporting Including Associates, Supervisors and Managers

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Jim G. George is an independent consultant working with major banks and other financial institutions in areas of AML, KYC, anti-fraud, and risk management.  He was formerly an Associate Partner in the Bank Risk and Compliance unit of IBM Consulting and with PriceWaterhouse-Coopers consulting be... More info


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