Due Diligence: The Key to Sound Decision Making (MLC541A)

  Pre Recorded Audio Conference
  60 minutes
   Thu, May 29, 2014

Understanding and Analyzing Existing Businesses Using the Five C’s of Credit

The purpose of this audio conference by Vincent A. DiCara is to identify the key components in the due diligence process. Participants will learn about the importance of conducting due diligence on investment and loan proposals. At the end of this program, participants will be able to know the right questions to ask of lending applicants and identify the key factors that need to be addressed in any due diligence process.

Examples of topics that will be examined during this audio conference are:

  1. Due Diligence: What it is and Why It’s important
  2. Understanding and Analyzing Existing Businesses using the Five C’s of credit
  3. Startup Ventures and the importance of business plans
  4. Management of businesses as a key to their success. How to evaluate management
  5. Business Plans: What They Should Include
  6. The importance of financial projections
  7. Testing a business plan’s assumptions
  8. Making Investments in Businesses
  9. The importance of business plans
  10. Determining the Markets for Products and Services
  11. Financial information and how to analyze it
  12. The importance of projections and cash budgets for start-up businesses
  13. Management: A Key Reason for a Business’ success or failure
  14. Testing Financial Assumptions: Asking The Right Questions

Who should attend:

Commercial loan officers, business development representatives, branch managers, business credit analysts, risk managers of real estate companies and FIs, accountants and auditors. Accounts receivable and payable office staff in constructions companies, construction and real estate employees.

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Vincent DiCara has been involved in evaluating and meeting the credit needs of small and medium-sized businesses for thirty years as a business advocate, lender, credit analyst and trainer. Since 1995, he has been providing expert training for lending professionals throughout the country who work in... More info


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