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Seven Habits of an Effective Credit Administration (MLC540U)

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  60 minutes
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Report Risk Assessment by Writing Effective Credit Memoranda

This audio session by Roy Johnson is intended to provide guidance on how to develop and maintain a Credit Administration function that will provide guidance to anyone involved in the credit function of the bank. The session also highlights the safeguards to manage the bank’s loan portfolio in a safe and sound manner. This principle is paramount especially in this economic environment, and close scrutiny being applied by the regulatory authorities.

Roy will use case studies, slides, problem-solving skills, online exams, charts and step-by-step analysis to certain occurrences from the charts and graphs.

Session highlights:

  1. know how to balance risk and rewards through proper credit, ratio and cash flow analysis
  2. report risk assessment by writing effective credit memoranda
  3. clearly define credit grades and apply them to various types of borrowers
  4. define the expectations of loan officers in the management of their loan portfolio
  5. usage of loan agreements, Covenant Compliance Reports and other monitoring tools to manage loan portfolio
  6. review and document the ALLL methodology
  7. adopt prudent commercial real estate loan workout strategies for problem loans

Who should attend:

Beginners in the banking, credit and financial services industry, followed by mid-management and upper-management banking professionals

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Roy Johnson brings a wealth of knowledge to the banking sector as his career spans from his beginning as a Loan Associate all the way to becoming a Vice President of Commercial lending for a Leading Regional Bank in the Southeast. He possesses a combination of corporate and Non Profit experience whi... More info

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