E-commerce, Sales Tax And The Marketplace Fairness Act What Do They All Mean? (MLC240G)

  Pre Recorded Audio Conference
  60 minutes
   Wed, February 26, 2014

Find Out How Marketplace Fairness Act Will Affect You

For years retailers have taken advantage of a loophole and not charged sales taxes for online sales. Naturally, brick-and-mortar stores complained about the unfair advantage. A few months ago, the Senate passed with an overwhelming, bipartisan, majority the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA) that provides states the power to enforce sales tax rules on all online sales – even when the purchaser and seller reside in different states. The bill is now pending before the House. In parallel, last month the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a request for arguments against the New York’s so-called Amazon Law, closing the door on appeal, and effectively granting the Court’s approval of state laws that expand the rights of states to enforce their sales taxes on ecommerce transactions. As Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Haslam spelled out, “This discussion isn’t about raising taxes or adding new taxes. This is about states having the flexibility and the authority to collect taxes that are already owed.”

While the obligation to collect sales tax on online transactions already exists, undoubtedly the passing of the MFA and the approval of the Amazon laws will significantly empower states to more aggressively enforce their rules.

In this 60 minute audio session, Jonathan Barsade will cover the following topics –

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Who should attend?
This session is appropriate for financial and marketing management personnel of small businesses and e-commerce professionals along with taxation professionals - tax consultants, sales tax consultants, accountants, CPAs.

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