Marketing Services Agreements and Desk Rentals in the Mortgage Industry - the RESPA Rules are Changing! (MLC462G)

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  60 minutes
   Thu, April 14, 2016

RESPA and the Development of Law and Regulations Regarding MSAs & Desk Rentals

Mortgage lenders, real estate agents and brokers, title companies, and other settlement service providers often enter into marketing services agreements (MSAs) to provide advertising and promotional services. And lenders sometimes enter into "desk rental" arrangements with a real estate broker. The law concerning MSAs and desk rentals was settled until recently, when the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) began to enforce the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA). How will the mortgage industry adjust to these changes, and what is going on at the CFPB and in the courts?

If you are a mortgage lender, a real estate agent or broker, or are otherwise involved in providing mortgage settlement services, it will be imperative for you to understand the changing RESPA rules. It's also vital to know how the landscape is changing regarding illegal kickbacks.

Join legal advisor Chrys D. Lemon to get updates on marketing services agreements (MSAs) and desk rentals in the mortgage industry. Chrys will specifically speak about the changing RESPA rules as well as the referral fees under RESPA as they are related to MSAs and desk rental arrangements.

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Chrys Lemon is a partner in McIntyre & Lemon, PLLC, in Washington, D.C. He specializes in financial services law, particularly related to marketing of consumer financial products and services, privacy law, insurance law, and regulation of financial institutions by the Consumer Financial Protecti... More info


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