NACHA Operating Rules- How do Banks comply? (MLCA30Q)

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Know the NACHA Operating Rules and Benefits They Provide to ACH Payments

In 1974, to establish uniform operating rules for ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments, an association called NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association) took shape. Basically, the role of NACHA is to develop, administer, and govern the ACH network, and is also the national association, which is responsible for ACH payments. 

The NACHA operating rules make sure that the ACH network remains efficient, reliable, and secure for the benefit of all participants. The member financial institutions must ensure that they are in compliance with the guidelines NACHA has set forth. Though this is an intense process, it makes sure that the banks and their customers are provided with the perks that NACHA provides.

Join Brent Meyers in this information packed session, to get the answers related to NACHA and the benefits they provide to ACH payments. In this audio session, Brent will highlight the NACHA operating rules and what financial institutions need to do to comply.

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