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Officer Calling: Prospecting, Preparing and Presentation (MLCN42F)

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As a Banking Official, You need to be Well-versed with Prospecting, Preparing and Presentation. Learn How.

The hallmark of a good community bank is when it can provide high quality personalized service at a profit. So, it is important that community banks change their motto for additional services from, "our customers will seek out the bank if they need additional services" to "Take nothing for Granted."

The lending process isn't limited to just ascertaining the credit worthiness of a potential customer. It is a detailed process that is rooted in the prospective, investigative and evaluation phases. If this is followed properly, it will give you the accurate information to base your decision on lending potential. This is a crucial step for the actual lending process - where many Lenders misinterpret the data which yields negative results. During the Lending Process, the Banker should have all the necessary tools at his/her disposal to accurately present the materials that favor a positive net outcome for both parties.

As a lender, it is possible that you have missed some of the techniques of business development which are going to yield positive results. To develop and retain these techniques, you need to include the ability to build and maintain several principles that are required to ensure more suitable lending practices. The principles include the Prospect Tracking of potential clients and customers and understanding the totality of the customer and their market potential. As you understand the process, your skills of a Business Development officer are polished, and either it helps you or hurts you in the prospective and investigative process. Also, negotiation is an art that a lot of people haven't mastered. This webinar by expert speaker Craig Nelson shows distinct methods and examples of situations that are relevant in the initial process. It is imperative that this phase is accurately addressed which will be the crucial point of any Business Development Process. 

Training Objective:

Lending is a process. There are several detailed steps involved in lending and managing a consumer or commercial relationship. These steps can be grouped into seven broad categories in the Lending. The categories are shown below:

10 things Customers Want from Their Bankers

Bankers must shift their focus from just providing credit products only to providing consulting and value added advice. This will separate good bankers from your average banker and will eventually endear your customers to you and your bank. If you take heed of this list, you will be well on your way to being the ultimate banker.

Understanding Who You Are as a Business Development Officer

Who should attend?

Ask a question at the Q&A session following the live event and get advice unique to your situation, directly from our expert speaker.

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Craig Nelson has over 33 years of bank experience with progressively growing responsibilities and expertise and leadership. He began his career in banking with Wells Fargo (formerly named Northwestern Bank Corporation a/k/a Norwest) serving as a staff auditor in 1980. After 33 years of banking Craig... More info

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