Behavioral Interviews: Improve Your Hiring Success Rate (MLB718C)

  Pre Recorded Webinar
  60 minutes
   Wed, July 11, 2018

Avoid Bad Hires by Asking the Right, Situational Questions

Do you rely on traditional, generic interview questions to make your hiring decisions? And do you frequently find you got it wrong? It’s time to change your interviewing strategy!

A recent study found that traditional interviewing is only 10% predictive of future on-the-job-success. But there’s something better: What’s called “behavioral interviewing” can be more than 500% predictive. What makes behavioral interviewing so successful—and how can you use it? Join Human Resources expert Wes Pruett for an in-depth lesson on this powerful tool.

Pruett will show you how to ask wholly different interview questions—such as situational questions that tap into potential integrity problems—to assess whether a candidate will fit into your organization and thrive there. While traditional interviews typically focus on hypothetical questions, behavioral interviews rely on the concept that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. 

After attending this audio event, you will be better equipped to evaluate a candidate’s experiences and behaviors. You will know what questions to ask to truly judge a candidate’s ability to think critically, be a part of the team, and do the work.  And you’ll have a new, effective tool to reduce unwanted turnover, increase retention, and reduce replacement and onboarding costs.

Session Highlights

In this instructive session, you will learn how to:

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Wes Pruett is owner of HR Advisors LLC, a consulting practice that provides service to clients who seek to align their business and employees creating successful outcomes and excellent work environments. After 20 years in senior leadership within the Mayo Health System he founded HR Advisors LLC.More info


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