10 Tips to Maximize Social Security Benefits (MLC641L)

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How Secured are you with your Social Security Benefits?

One of the major questions today’s retiree faces is whether he has enough money to maintain  a similar or better lifestyle throughout retirement. Regular income that is guaranteed to increase over time and continue as long as you live is the best benefit your Social Security can offer . Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t understand how Social Security benefits really work and sadly still, most of the people never focus on how to help maximize their benefits.

The safety and comfort of guaranteed lifetime income provided by pensions may be a thing of the past.  Future retirees can use the flexibility afforded by their 401(k) and IRA balances to help optimize and maximize the guaranteed lifetime benefits of Social Security. When properly planned, there are many advantages over pensions due to the tax advantages of higher Social Security benefits. 

Retirees who employ a strategy that can withstand the risks they’ll face will have a better chance of enjoying a happier retirement. It is all about choices. Those who understand how to evaluate their choices and optimize their decisions will be the ones to enjoy a more secure retirement. A larger amount of Social Security within a retirement income strategy may, indeed, be the golden ticket to the golden years.

This session by Rick Rodgers, CFP®, noted Wealth Manager, Author and Media Commentator will discuss strategies to maximize Social Security benefits.  It will also cover how to protect benefits from taxes and the potential threat of means testing.

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Rick Rodgers is founder and president of Rodgers & Associates in Lancaster, PA.  In the past two years, Rick has become a regular guest on various regional and national television news programs, noted for his expert commentary on retirement planning and tax strategy.   Millions of... More info


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