Write Effective Business Reports (MLB518A)

Tips and Techniques to Hone and Refine Your Report-Writing Skills

Writing business reports is an essential part of the job for many of us, but writing effective, clear and concise reports that convey the key issues is a challenge, especially since business reporting requirements vary based on several factors:

Writing across multiple industries and disciplines in an ever-evolving marketplace require efficient techniques for reporting to a wide audience with contrasting concerns. Your report-writing skills need to be first-rate; whether your job requires you to create templates for complex reporting requirements, or use templates that cover technical topics, or whether your work requires you to report in situations that do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach to writing.

Join this session, where communication training expert Philip Vassallo, Ed.D. will offer a deep toolbox for writing a broad range of comprehensive business reports through a fluid process that ensures clarity and conciseness. Philip will focus on the efficiency, sufficiency, proficiency (ESP) method. This session will help you to apply a disciplined approach to various report-writing situations. You will learn to create report templates for a broad range of topics. You will be able to draft reports efficiently and painlessly, and rewrite reports based on the key issues you need to present. After attending this session, you will be able to use language effectively to support the purpose of your report.

Session Objectives

With this session, you will learn:

Session Highlights

This session will cover:

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Philip Vassallo has developed, delivered, and supervised communication training programs for a wide range of managerial, administrative, and technical professionals in corporate, government, and academic environments. He has also taught writing and presentation skills on the graduate and undergradua... More info


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