Part 1: What's New and What's Hot?

Objective: Provide participants with an understanding of what is new for 2016. This will include any new legislation as well as a perspective on the legislative impact on various areas of the Form 1040. This section will include updated understanding of Internal Revenue Code sections as well as case law.

Session Highlights
  • Review of new tax legislation for 2016
  • 2016 rate structure and COLAs
  • Specific tax issues that will have the greatest impact on clients
  • FBAR and FATCA issues
  • Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") issues
  • Where we are, and where we are headed
Part 2: Status Issues

Objective: Provide participants with an understanding of filing status issues 2016. This will include an understanding of dependency issues, marriage/divorce issues, and death of taxpayer issues. Also, there will be a significant explanation of foreign income reporting issues.

Session Highlights
  • Uniform definition of a child
  • Filing status issues
  • Dependent issues
  • Exemptions and phase-outs
  • Divorce and separation issues
  • Alimony and support issues
  • Property settlement issues
  • Death of a taxpayer
Part 3: Income and Deductions

Objective: Provide participants with an understanding of income and deduction issues for 2016. This will include general income and deduction discussion, as well as specific discussion of charitable issues, state and local income tax issues, interest deduction issues, and audit flag areas with the topic.

Session Highlights
  • Interest and dividend issues
  • Cancellation of debt
  • Co-owned property
  • Non-resident and resident status
  • Standard deduction
  • Phase-out of itemized deductions
Part 4: Retirement Plans and IRAs / Tax Credits / AMT

Objective: Provide participants with an understanding of qualified plan issues, IRA issues, tax credits, and Alternative Minimum Tax issues. Specific guidance will be provided with regards to early withdrawal penalties as well as exemptions to these penalties. Alternative Minimum tax calculations and strategies to avoid the AMT will be discussed. Also, discussion of 2016 funding limitations will be a part of this section.

Session Highlights
  • Individual retirement plan issues
  • Qualified plan issues
  • Funding and contribution rules and COLAs
  • Required minimum distributions in 2016
  • Alternative Minimum Tax issues
  • Various tax credits for 2016


Arthur Joseph Werner, JD, MS (Taxation), received his B.S. in Accounting and his M.S. in Taxation from Widener University. He holds a J.D. in Law from the Delaware Law School. His lecture topic specialties extensively include the areas of Estate Planning, Financial Planning, and Estate and Gift Taxation to Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents, Attorneys, Insurance Agents, and Financial Planners, and has presented well in excess of 2500 eight-hour seminars over the past 25 years as well as numerous webinars and video presentations.

Mr. Werner has been rated as having the highest speaker knowledge in his home state of Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He was also awarded the AICPA Outstanding Discussion Leader Award in the State of Nevada, the Florida Institute of CPAs Outstanding Discussion Leader Award, and the South Carolina Association of CPAs Outstanding Discussion Leader Award.


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