Letters of Credit: What They Are, How to Draft Them & Frequently Encountered Issues

Letter of Credit Rules and Practices Little Understood by Applicants and Beneficiaries!

Join this session by expert speaker Carter Klein to understand the problems and pitfalls in drafting letters of credit, and how you can avoid them. Get to know the rules and practices that are little understood/misunderstood by applicants and beneficiaries. Understand the difference between letters of credit, bonds, guaranties, collateralizations and other credit enhancement devices, especially in the context of a bankruptcy.

The program will focus on primarily standby letters of credit. However, commercial letters of credit will also be discussed, but not as the major focus. You will get an understanding of the rules that govern standby letters of credit, and the speaker will also provide a checklist of terms that you should consider for letters of credit.

The session will explain how letters of credit are used and explain when their usage might be deemed inappropriate. You will know where you can find forms and consultants and find out the common errors in letters of credit and how you can avoid them.

Session Highlights:

  • A basic understanding of the rules governing letters of credit
  • Which rules should be used for standby letter of credit
  • Checklists of terms for letters of credit
  • Letters of credit best practices and when there use is inappropriate
  • Where to look for forms and consultants
  • How to choose a creditworthy issuer
  • When a letter of credit should be advised
  • When a letter of credit should be confirmed
  • Why the ISP is the superior regime to govern standby letters of credit
  • What are the most common problems/errors in letter of credit and how you can avoid them

Who Should Attend

Lawyers that deal with credit enhancements, bankers, corporate finance professionals such as controllers, treasurers and financial officers; governmental employees and agencies that deal with letters of credit, such as municipalities, environmental agencies and Federal Home Loan Banks.

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