Unique Fraud Challenges Facing Small Businesses

Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention Strategies for Small Businesses.

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners reported in 2016 that the median fraud loss for businesses with less than 100 employees is $150,000. Due to the available amount of limited resources to invest for fighting against fraudulent practices, it is the small business undertakings that are especially vulnerable to such practices perpetrated by both employees as well as third parties. Regrettably, small scale undertakings that are victimized by fraud tend to go out of business.

Join this informative webinar by fraud prevention expert Paul McCormack to discuss the unique challenges faced by small businesses in fighting fraud in their establishment. You will be able to review the innovative measures that can be used to implement with relative ease in order to prevent fraud, by comparing it with your existing process and rehashing it. Also, there will be detailed discussion taking actual fraud cases, and lessons learned from such examples.

Further, this webcast will explain the types of fraud risks small businesses tend to face, how to recognize a company's overall risk of fraud, and the types of internal controls that are most effective in preventing fraud within small companies.

Session Highlights:

  • Overview of fraud statistics related to small businesses
  • The psychology of white-collar criminals
  • Internal controls that can be implemented by small scale businesses to generate maximum ROI
  • Various proactive measures that can be implemented to enhance “perception of detection”
  • 10 real world fraud examples within small businesses and the lessons learnt from them

NASBA Category of Study: Accounting

Level: Basic

Who Should Attend

Professionals responsible for preventing, detecting, and investigating fraud

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