Marketing for Originators and Loan Officers (MLC451B)
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60 minutes
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Great Advice to Loan Officers and Originators on How to Market Themselves Properly

When loan officer marketing is concerned, and you are keen on continuing with your present clients, looking out for new ones, or want to increase the source of your referral network, you will always get an impressive result if your loan officer marketing plan is well laid.

It is imperative that you always update your clients with your business, and provide them new information on housing market. If you want them to provide you with repeat business, you need to keep up with your marketing plan and make sure that the information you're providing is easily accessible to them.

With the Mortgage Lending area changing on a daily basis, the need for well-trained sales personnel is critical. Being able to establish yourself within your local market is crucial, but there are many challenges the originator faces in the current environment. But all too often, sales personnel are not given enough actual sales training. This webinar by expert speaker J.T. Turner will give Loan Officers and Originators some great advice on how to properly market themselves.

You will benefit by learning such habits as how to get past the gatekeepers and to the decision-makers in real estate offices; ways to become an expert in your area; and how to promote yourself as the "go to" mortgage professional. This webinar will give loan originators of all experience levels a critical set of skills that they can learn and grow with, as well as tips on how to implement ideas immediately, to improve personal production.

Session Topics:

  • Branding
  • Customer Marketing/Spheres of Influence
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Getting Past the Dragons
  • Approaches Outside the Office
  • The Sit-Down
  • Marketing Materials
  • Marketing To Attorneys
  • The Ideal Originator

Who Should Attend

  • Mortgage Loan Officers
  • Originators
  • In house staff that take loan applications
  • Managers of sales teams

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J.T. Turner is a professional speaker, trainer and consultant. He brings over 30 years of experience in Corporate Training to the table, presenting on topics such as Management, Memory Skills, Mortgage Underwriting, Coaching and Presentation Skills. He is also a lively keynote speaker at events and ...More info