Reviewing Tax Returns for Residential Mortgage Decisions (MLC250L)
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60 minutes
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Learn to Review Tax Returns Better to Make Informed Decisions on Residential Mortgage Loans!

It is important to know how to make the right decision about a mortgage loan application, if your organization believes in promotion of the highest standards of ethics and performance for financial services. One of the most challenging areas for making a decision about a mortgage loan application is to understand how to review tax returns, and calculate useable income.

This webinar by expert speaker J.T. Turner provides mortgage lenders with a way of reviewing tax returns better so that they can make informed decisions on Residential Mortgage Loans. Lenders will also get a better grasp on the importance of tax returns from this session, and understand their importance to make quality loan decisions.

Going further, the webinar will review personal, corporate, s-corp, and partnership returns to allow an underwriter, processor or loan officer to make an informed decision on a loan.

Session Highlights:

  • The Secondary Market
  • When to Review Tax Returns
  • Personal Returns
  • Partnership Returns
  • S-Corp Returns
  • Corporate Returns
  • Income Calculation

Who Should Attend

  • Mortgage Loan Underwriters
  • Loan Officers
  • Processors
  • Lending Staff of all levels
  • Originators
  • Senior Staff

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J.T. Turner is a professional speaker, trainer and consultant. He brings over 30 years of experience in Corporate Training to the table, presenting on topics such as Management, Memory Skills, Mortgage Underwriting, Coaching and Presentation Skills. He is also a lively keynote speaker at events and ...More info