Indemnity Agreements in Contracts: What Did I Sign and How is it Covered? (MLC250M)
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Understanding Indemnity Agreements in Contracts vs. Expectations in the Insurance Coverage

If you need to secure a contract with an indemnity agreement (and who doesn't), you need to hear the basics of what forms of agreements are common and how insurance interacts with the agreement (if at all).

Expert speaker Alan M. Parizo in this session will especially help you understand indemnity agreements in contracts versus the expectations in the insurance coverage. Though the discussion is not intended to provide legal advice, Alan will review your particular contracts or draw up an appropriate legal counsel. You will examine three types of indemnity agreements in this session, and a typical insurance response. Also, learn whether obligations in a contract flow into the coverage of a typical business insurance policy.

This session will have a special focus on contractual liability versus additional insured status. The webinar will help you understand how standard general liability insurance is related to contractual liability and indemnity agreements. It will focus on what to expect from a standard liability insurance policy versus the indemnity agreement in a standard contract for services, leases and rental agreements. You will understand the appropriateness of Broad Form Indemnity and why many states now prohibit them. The program is, however, not intended to be a substitute for your particular exposures addressed in your insurance program. You may review it along with your contracts when you are discussing it with your insurance advisor.

Session Highlights:

  • Types of indemnity agreements: Broad, Intermediate and Limited
  • Contractual Liability in standard (ISO) policies
  • Additional Insured Status
  • Certificate management
  • Coverage review and disclaimers

Who Should Attend

  • Project Managers
  • Property managers
  • Building owners
  • Contractors
  • Insurance producers
  • Insurance account managers
  • Customer service representatives

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Alan M. Parizo is an insurance consultant and trainer with extensive experience as an underwriter, agent/broker and trainer. He is currently on the faculty of the Insurance Community University where he presents several webinars a year and AFIS (Agricultural and Farm Insurance Specialist) program wh...More info