California Tax Tutorial (MLC575E)

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Legislation, Federal Issues, Cannabis, and Non-Resident Taxation

California state taxes present a special challenge for tax practitioners. After all, California uses “specified date” conformity, and last conformed to the Internal Revenue Code on Jan. 1, 2015, with numerous exceptions.  The state’s non-conformity to federal tax reform has dramatically increased federal-California tax law differences. If your business operates in California, or you have clients there, you need to understand the latest in how this innovative state is taxing residents, non-residents, and businesses.

Dive into California legislation, tax law, and tax agency updates in this comprehensive five-hour lesson from tax pro Vicki L. Mulak, EA, CFP® . The class is customized to meet the needs of the California CTEC-registered tax preparer’s five-hour continuing education requirement—and will emphasize issues that have resulted in California’s non-conformity to federal tax reform. This is a one-of-a kind, in-depth Golden State taxation education event.

Mulak will provide a full update on: California’s most recent legislation, the state’s five revenue agencies, provisions affecting victims of the state’s 2017 wildfires and mudslides, cannabis rules, taxation of non-residents and part-year residents, and recent changes to MyFTB (Franchise Tax Board).

Don’t get caught using outdated information or obsolete tactics—or, worse, get stuck in a federal-California-tax-law quandary: Reserve your spot and gain the confidence you need to prepare tax returns and advise clients who file in California.

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NASBA Category of Study: Taxes

Level: Basic

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Vicki L. Mulak is an Enrolled Agent and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and owner of American Financial and Tax, a tax preparation, planning and representation firm, which was founded in Tustin, California in 1985, when Vicki became both a resident and a business owner.

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