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International Tax Issues for Individuals (MLC261D)

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Understand the Major Tax Issues Faced By US Citizens Living or Transacting Business Abroad

With the world becoming smaller, we are able to transact business with various financial centers located all over the continent, sitting in our office comfortably.

Today, every taxpayer wants to reduce his tax liability to minimum. If it is required for the taxpayers to pay foreign taxes, they would like to maximize any foreign tax credits they should receive. In the United States, exclusions are allowed by the tax law for certain types of income that can be earned abroad. The criteria is strict, and a simple mistake will make a mess out of the client's tax bill.

Due to the need of Internal Revenue Service to ensure maintenance of voluntary compliance, a significant amount of investigation as well as individual information reporting of foreign activities have been instituted. This course by expert speaker Stuart Sobel will introduce you the major tax issues faced by U.S citizens who are transacting business or living abroad. The recent changes related to international tax issues will also be included.

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Stuart Sobel has provided expertise in areas including tax planning, business creation, tax-exempt filing, strategic planning, charitable giving, employee benefits, and tax controversy for more than 48 years. He has worked with thousands of diverse businesses and nonprofit organizations including pu... More info

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