Tax Liens & Tax Levies: How to Protect Your Clients from IRS Enforcement (MLC562H)

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  120 minutes

Know How to Handle IRS Enforcement Issues and Help Taxpayers Resolve Their Outstanding Tax Issue

The IRS enforcement still continues to be a critical area for taxpayer representatives and the IRS, having more than 12 million taxpayer accounts in the IRS Collection Division’s inventory. It is now even tougher than ever for taxpayers to navigate through the IRS enforcement maze. The practitioners are required to learn how IRS functions and to know where the opportunities are to assist the clients in resolving the tax issues. In this session, expert speaker Eric L. Green will analyse how IRS enforcement is done and what needs to be understood by the practitioners concerning federal tax levies and tax liens and helping the clients in avoiding IRS enforcement or dealing with the enforcement tools to solve their outstanding tax issues.

In this session, you will be able to understand the much feared IRS enforcement tools and ways of dealing with them. Also, you will know how to handle these issues mechanically and assist your taxpayers in solving the outstanding tax issues.

Session Highlights:

This session will:

NASBA Category of Study: Taxes

IRS Category of Study: Federal Law

Level: Basic

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This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all personnel in:

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Eric Green is a partner in Green & Sklarz LLC, a boutique tax firm with offices in Connecticut and New York. The focus of Attorney Eric L. Green's practice is civil and criminal taxpayer representation before the Department of Justice Tax Division, Internal Revenue Service and state Departme... More info


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